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Removing a Stubborn Stump

Several years ago I cut down a tree in our yard. Read more

1 day ago by James Scarborough.

Eating seasonally while on a beach vacation

July is here, and I’m hoping this month won’t come with any additional surprises other than fireworks and food recipes. Read more

1 day ago by Staff Reports.

Designated Survivor

Like many of you, my wife, mother, and I seek different television series to help pass this time of isolation. Read more

1 day ago by Dan Ponder.

Another Virus

No, I’m not going to introduce you to another physical virus that threatens our great land. Read more

1 day ago by Lynn Roberts.

Behind Every Mask

I walked back to my truck twice today. Read more

6 days ago by Dan Ponder.

Some random thoughts on some unsettling times

If you are still watching television news (I rarely do these days), you will notice that the protests across the country seem to be as ... Read more

6 days ago by Dick Yarbrough.

Pay Attention to America’s Real Need

Back several years ago, as I looked over by the bathroom sink, I noticed that Madeline was brushing her teeth and doing something with a ... Read more

1 week ago by James Scarborough.

When you’re hungry in Bainbridge, check out these options

As my time being a (permanent) resident of Bainbridge comes to an end for the summer, I want to reflect and share a few of ... Read more

1 week ago by Staff Reports.

Thirty- Five Words

This week we celebrate our Independence Day Read more

1 week ago by Lynn Roberts.

The New York Times owes us an apology

In case you haven’t heard, there is a big stink permeating the offices of the New York Times. Read more

2 weeks ago by Dick Yarbrough.

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