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Back to the Drawing Board!

While purchasing the items I needed to service my lawn tractor, I decided to buy new mower blades. I was not sure if the blades ... Read more

1 day ago by James Scarborough.

Tried to Tell My Math Teacher

I really didn’t take mathematics in school. I took ‘Rithmatic. Remember the old school and the Three R’s: reading, ‘riting, and ‘rithmatic? Forget spelling! I ... Read more

2 days ago by Lynn Roberts.

Food, Friends, Family

The tin of chocolate covered pecans came right on time, arriving around the first week of December. Some years we would open the package upon ... Read more

2 days ago by Dan Ponder.

Under the Microscope

When I was growing up I did not have lots of fancy toys, but I had all I needed to keep me occupied. I always ... Read more

1 week ago by James Scarborough.

Pillow Talk

Dan”, she screamed. “The tag goes on the inside.” Of course, I know it does because she has told me so a hundred times. It ... Read more

1 week ago by Dan Ponder.

Outside the Comfort Zone

Madeline is twelve years old now and I do not get to spend as much time with her as I used to. Like all young ... Read more

2 weeks ago by James Scarborough.

O Death, Where is Your Sting?

At one of our restaurants here in Bainbridge there is a very lovely lady who always asks me about this column. She is gracious in ... Read more

2 weeks ago by Lynn Roberts.

And then there were none

Last week, I wrote about the loss of childhood friends and the many ways we find friendships in our lives. Sadly, this week I will ... Read more

2 weeks ago by Dan Ponder.

They Stole My Potato Chips!

Last week when Jessica approached me and said, “Let me tell you what your granddaughter did today!”, a lot of possibilities were out there. Since ... Read more

3 weeks ago by James Scarborough.

Can’t Squeeze Blood Out of a Turnip

The drive around Bainbridge and the surrounding counties is so beautiful these days. Spring has sprung! These few weeks of peak azalea season are some ... Read more

3 weeks ago by Lynn Roberts.

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